Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

What are actually the products of Chove?

The products that Chove sells are chocolates and petit fours, in Greek called gluka. You should consider a petit four as a product in-between a bonbon and a pastry product. The gluka of Chove are based on Greek recipes. They consist mainly of chocolate, various nuts, cookies and rusk. Some of them are only chocolate and nuts (50% chocolate and 50% nuts) whereas others are comprised of only around 30% to 40% of chocolate and the rest of the petit four is nuts, biscuits or rusk.

They are bigger than a bonbon and smaller than a pastry, edible in three bites. Approximately 6cm x 3 cm x 2cm.


What chocolate do you use for the petit fours?

 We use Barry Callebaut chocolate. For more information check the website:


Are the petit fours gluten- lactose and sugar free?

Currently they are not. As soon as the company is fully operating some of the products will apply to those requirements.


How long do they remain good?

The petit fours can be preserved for at least one month after you have received them. On the packaging you will find the expiry date.

Tip! Although, room temperature is not a problem. To preserve them for a longer period, it is suggested to keep them in the fridge. Especially when the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius, in order to avoid them from melting.


How big are the petit fours in size?

Their sizes vary. They are either bigger or smaller than 6cm x 3 cm x 2cm.


Is there a minimum of chocolates that I can order?

Yes, the minimum you have to order is 6 pieces.


In what do you send the petit fours?

The petit fours are all separately wrapped in colourful aluminum foil and put in a carton box which fits into the postbox. Which in turn is wrapped in paper on which the address information is put.


How big is the package that you send the petit fours in?

This depends on your order. We have got four sizes of packages.




Amount petit four approximately


15,4cm x 11cm x 2,7cm

6 - 10


21,3cm x 15,2cm x 2,7cm

12 - 20


30,3cm x 21,7cm x 2,7cm

24 - 35

Take into consideration that the bigger packages, they may not fit the postbox as it might not fulfill the average Dutch postbox norm.


Why do you work with a sending day instead of a delivery day? 

PostNL delivers our boxes in 90% of the cases and in occasions one or two days later. When you choose the sending day, then we have a clear agreement so that you can estimate whether you want the box to arrive early or late to its destination.


Can I receive the petit fours on a Monday?

This is unfortunately not possible, as PostNL does not deliver packages on Mondays.


What are the delivery costs?

The standard rate we handle is € 3,50 per package per address. The petit fours are sent through PostNL as a post box package. Do you wish to send more packages to one address then we will handle the delivery as a parcel or if you contact us, we can arrange it for you depending on your order.


Can I send the box as a business present?

Yes. For more information check our business gift possibilities or send us an e-mail.


Can I pay with an invoice?

This is possible in case you order in name of a company. Company clients can pay an invoice. Please contact us for more information.


I cannot go through the ordering procedure

It could be that you have an older version of Internet Explorer or that you have the security system on. You can try to order from another device. Should that still not work, you can always email us at It is our pleasure to help you.