I am Laura Kokkiadi. Greek and Dutch from origin. I was born and brought up in Greece, Crete in specific, and came to The Netherlands to study. I have been living here for twelve and a half years.


Coming from two countries, and living in the one I was not brought up, made me consciously see the things that each country has to offer me. The good and the bad. I appreciate each country for what it offers me. 


What Greece offers, is a very good cuisine. Not only this, but the chocolates and petit fours, called glyka in Greek are amazing! Tastes the Dutch have not experienced yet.


For this reason, I started CHOVE. I want to share with everyone the good of Greece, to appreciate the tasty, delicious glyka that can give you amazing experiences and moments of joy with your family, friends, acquaintances and anyone you want to spoil a bit.