- Compose the Business Gift the way you want 

- It may include all of our chocolate varieties or only the ones of your choice and as may as you wish

  Our chocolates are: Mounty Dark Choco - Mounty Milk Choco - Boozer - Brezer - Flowy - Batony - Crisper - Dadler - Choco Baklava Sweeter 

- Box sizes A6, A5 and A4. They all fit through the regular post box. For more information about their capacity, please read below

- A box should have a minimum of 6 pieces

- Add your personal wishes with the logo of your company or a card of your choice

- The final price depends on the amount of chocolates you order and the way you want to give them to your relations

- With Sinterklaas we have some special ones with spice nuts, pepernoten in Dutch



Do you want to order a Business Gift?

Contact for more information Laura Kokkiadi: or call at +31615178689.

You can also ask for a test box, free of charge, so that you can experience it yourself. We then send you the MINI CHOVE


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Tip! When received, keep in the fridge.  

Box format



Amount petit four approximately


15,4cm x11cm x2,7cm

6 - 10


21,3cm x15,2cmx2,7cm

12 - 20


30,3cmx21,7cm x2,7cm

24 - 35


Keep in mind that the amount of petit fours per box may differ depending on the dimensions of the petit fours you are buying. We decide which box fits best for you. This is just an indication of how full your package will be when ordering.  



Their sizes vary. They are either bigger or smaller than 6cm x 3 cm x 2cm.